Warranty Information

Due to the nature of our product we offer a limited warranty on Salty Grips.

Salty Grips are handmade in Portugal from the bark of cork oak trees. Each grip is made by shaping rods of combined cork rings and each contains a portion of filling material added to create a smooth surface. After leaving Europe, every Salty Grip is cleaned, sealed, and engraved by hand in Richmond, Virginia. During each of these processes, we carefully evaluate the structural soundness and surface condition of the grips to ensure each is ready for sale. Rarely, a grip has an issue and is never sold.

Salty Grips are incredibly strong and durable once supported by the putter shaft. However, prior to installation they’re rigid and, like sunglasses and other cork products, can be easily broken if handled carelessly. Accordingly, we recommend keeping the grip in its packaging tube until its ready for use. We also strongly suggest that all Salty Grips be installed by an experienced member of the golf industry — a retailer, PGA professional or club maker. If a Salty Grip cracks during installation by one of these individuals and the break appears to be the result of a structural flaw, we are happy to replace it. In such case, please email us at info@saltygrips.com with the installer’s contact information and best way to reach you.