My Salty Grip is just what I need to feel quiet hands during my stroke. I teach tempo and connection during putting lessons. My students will truly improve their stroke and feel with this putter grip!

Adam C. Smith
PGA Director of Instruction
Salisbury Country Club
2008 MAPGA Teacher of the Year
Golf Digest Best in State


The light weight of the Salty Grip allows you to feel the putter head better during a stroke and the larger size keeps your form by engaging the shoulders instead of the wrists. It also encourages light grip pressure which relieves tension in the arms—ideal for a smooth putting stroke.

Ryan Heiman

Scratch Golf

Really enjoying the grips.  They are very easy to install and have a great unique feel.  My customers are constantly commenting on how much they like them.  Keep up the great work!

Ari Techner - President & CEO, Scratch Golf


"The new custom, laser engraved cork grip by Salty, is one of the best feeling slightly oversize grips I have ever used. It is astonishingly light, and vibration free."
--Bobby Grace